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A Wider Circle is committed to alleviating poverty and its root causes in the Washington, D.C. area through innovative on-the-ground programming.

"As One of Us Goes, So Go All of Us"

A Wider Circle

A Wider Circle was established in 2001 with the goal of developing holistic programming to uplift individuals and families out of poverty. Health professional and American University Professor Dr. Mark Bergel founded A Wider Circle in his living room after being inspired by his volunteer work delivering food to low-income families in Washington, D.C. Following a decade-long recruitment of volunteer and health professional to help bring Dr. Bergel's vision to life, A Wider Circle now employs 60 staff members, 15 University interns, and 30,000 annual volunteers who operate out of a 38,000 square foot center. As of 2020, the organization had served more than 235,000 people.

Each of A Wider Circle's programs is tailored to address both the root causes as well as the effects of systemic poverty: their Essential Support Services program provides furniture, baby items, and other essential household goods to individuals transitioning out of homelessness, fleeing domestic violence, re-entering the workforce, or experiencing other challenging circumstances; their Workforce Development program ensures long-term employment assistance resources including resume and cover letter writing, interview practice, job search and application assistance, and access to professional attire; their Neighborhood Partnerships Program works to alleviate poverty from within low-income communities; and, their Partnership to Independence Program is a five-year pilot program designed to empower a cohort of 18 families. Through this diverse array of services, A Wider Circle persists with the unified goal of enabling and empowering individuals to achieve long-term self-sufficiency.

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