Embassy of the United States, Paris Embassy of the United States, Paris

U.S. Embassy in Paris

America's oldest diplomatic mission advances the interests of the United States while protecting and serving American citizens in France.

Embodying the Spirit of Franco-American Friendship

Embassy of the United States, Paris

France stands as the United States' oldest ally, dating back to the late 18th century. The Embassy of the United States of America in France became America's government's first diplomatic mission when the French monarchy recognized its independence from Britain in 1778, less than two years after the Declaration of Independence was signed. The country's earliest ambassadors to France included such Founding Fathers as John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe. Today, the embassy offers an array of critical services to protect the interests of the United States and of American citizens in France, including consular assistance, educational and cultural programs, visa and passport distribution, and emergency services. In addition, the embassy connects U.S. citizens to important local resources and federal programs, further strengthening the storied "special relationship" between the two countries.



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