U.S. Embassy in Paris, France U.S. Embassy in Paris, France

U.S. Embassy in Paris, France

The mission of the U.S. Embassy in Paris is to advance the interests of the United States, and to protect and serve American citizens in France.

Symbolizing the Spirit of Franco-American Friendship

U.S. Embassy in Paris, France

The Embassy of the United States in Paris is the United States' oldest diplomatic mission. Some of the country's earliest ambassadors to France include Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe. Today, the embassy offers diverse but critical services to protect the interests of the United States and of American citizens in France. These services include consular assistance, educational and cultural programs, visa and passport distribution, and emergency services. Further, the embassy connects United States citizens to important local resources and federal programs.

In 2008, the embassy commissioned sculptor Jean Cardot to create La Flamme de la Liberté (Flame of Liberty) as a symbol of the longstanding Franco-American friendship. The flame is a replica of the torch that the Statue of Liberty holds. The statue also includes quotes from Lafayette and Benjamin Franklin; from Lafayette, "Humanity has won its battle, freedom now has a country," and from Benjamin Franklin, "Where freedom is, there is my country."

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