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Fair Count

The Georgia-based nonprofit organization seeks to ensure a fair and accurate count of the United States population in the decennial census.

Eliminating Barriers to Civic Engagement

Fair Count

Founded by politician, lawyer, and activist Stacy Abrams, Fair Count champions the belief that all people who live in the United States matter and should be counted in the national census conducted every 10 years. Although the organization promotes civic participation, it primarily partners with leaders and organizations to increase engagement with the census in hard-to-count communities nationwide, including those that are home to high proportions of low-income individuals, people of color, immigrants, and young children. The goal of this work is to enable accurate allocation and distribution of the resources and funding that Census information determines.

Fair Count's approach is multifaceted; in addition to partnering with local leaders and organizations, Fair Count reaches communities through faith centers and technology. Fair Count recognizes that, in many communities, faith leaders are trusted and influential sources of information. Thus, the organization connects with these leaders — especially in remote, rural towns — to promote the importance of filling out the census. Further, Fair Count understands the technological challenges that accompany a new digital census. To address and remediate this technological divide, Fair Count has facilitated more than 150 Internet installations, complete with tablets and laptops for community members.

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