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Center for Collaborative Education

The Center for Collaborative Education, located in Boston, Massachusetts, seeks to transform education systems to ensure all students have equitable opportunities for a successful life.

Implementing Student-Centered Strategies for Equitable Education

Center for Collaborative Education

Founded in 1994, the nonprofit organization Center for Collaborative Education (CCE) envisions a just and equitable education system that fosters equitable opportunities for all students. To fulfill this mission, CCE partners with public schools and districts across the United States to promote student-centered initiatives that create sustainable and impactful change. These partnerships focus on the teaching and learning process at every step, from curriculum to instruction and assessment, to the system's general culture.

CCE's efforts fall into four programmatic areas: district and school design, quality performance assessment, evaluation and policy, and leadership development. Through these far-reaching but critically important programs, CCE works to ensure that every student leaves the public education system prepared for college and a career while ready to meaningfully, compassionately, and thoughtfully contribute to the world.

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