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Engaging Schools

Engaging Schools, a national organization based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, works with educators across the United States to integrate social and emotional development into academic learning environments.

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Engaging Schools

Founded in 1982, the mission of the nonprofit organization Engaging Schools, formerly known as Educators for Social Responsibility, evolved significantly over the years. Today, it collaborates with middle and high school educators to help integrate social and emotional learning into academic development; this comprehensive approach allows every student to develop the skills and mindsets needed to succeed and make positive contributions in school, work, and life.

Engaging Schools provides these educators with professional training and resources in advisory programs, classroom management, discipline and student support, instructional practice, and postsecondary readiness. The trainings and resources emphasize the organization's core values: equity, community, and democracy. Engaging Schools focuses on schools that serve high levels of low-income students, students struggling academically, and students who need additional social and emotional support. The organization has helped create impressive improvements in student performance and attendance rates.

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