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Brown University

Located in Providence, Rhode Island, the Ivy League research and teaching university is one of the oldest — and most prestigious — institutions of higher learning in the United States. 

Channeling a Spirit of Free Inquiry

Brown University

Since its founding in 1764, Brown University has remained committed to its mission of cultivating knowledge in a spirit of free inquiry. Brown is currently home to more than 7,000 undergraduate students, 2,600 graduate students, and almost 600 medical students. Its 800 full-time faculty are renowned scholars and leaders in their fields, and the university is widely regarded as one of the most respected and impactful educational institutions in the United States. 

Brown is known for its undergraduate Open Curriculum, through which students develop their own personalized course of study rather than select pre-designed majors. This philosophy infuses every part of the university's approach to teaching and research. Brown seeks to create knowledge and generate solutions to challenging issues that transcend traditional boundaries. Through this distinctly interdisciplinary approach, the university prepares students to embrace creativity, critical thinking, and intellectual risk-taking. 

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