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Giving Gap

Giving Gap, formerly known as Give Blck, is an online database of Black-founded nonprofit organizations across the United States.

Connecting Donors to Black-Founded Organizations

Giving Gap

Giving Gap seeks to expand American funding to Black-founded nonprofits. Today, Americans donate more than $450 billion each year to non-profit organizations, with only a fraction directed toward Black-founded ones. In 2020, Christina Lewis, Stephanie Ellis-Smith, and David Setiadi (pictured below) established Giving Gap to showcase the breadth of causes that Black-founded nonprofits address, and to direct funders toward these organizations.

What began as a simple spreadsheet has since grown into a national movement. Giving Gap's online database includes hundreds of organizations in diverse fields, including social justice, arts and culture, the environment, technology, and career development. As a constantly growing tool, Giving Gap also encourages the public to submit organizations for funding consideration. Giving Gap is committed to illuminating lesser-known organizations and empowering donors to contribute where funds are most needed. Further, Giving Gap's approach emphasizes that Black-founded organizations provide critical services in every issue category, beyond the scope of social justice.

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