Herreshoff Marine Museum Herreshoff Marine Museum

Herreshoff Marine Museum

Herreshoff Marine Museum, located in Bristol, Rhode Island, preserves the legacy of the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company through education and inspire the next generation of inventors.

Illuminating a Long-Lasting Marine Legacy

Herreshoff Marine Museum

Herreshoff Marine Museum was established in 1971 by A. Sidney DeWolf Herreshoff and Rebecca Chase Herreshoff to honor their family's manufacturing company. Nearly a century earlier, in 1878, brothers John Brown Herreshoff and Nathaniel Greene Herreshoff partnered to build some of the world's fastest steam yachts, torpedo boats, and racing and cruising sailboats.

Today, the Herreshoff Marine Museum includes the museum facility, the Herreshoff family's old home, six of the company's former buildings, and a significant portion of the company's waterfront. The Museum currently displays more than 60 impressive boats, ranging in size from 8.5 feet to 75 feet. The interiors of these boats have been restored to their original design and integrity for visitors to experience what it was like to experience these historic vehicles at the time of their creation. Additionally, the Museum includes a collection of 500 models, hundreds of artifacts, and fluctuating exhibitions. The Museum preserves and illuminates the long-lasting Herreshoff legacy through this unique range of boats and important memorabilia. Much more than just a museum, though. The underlying intent of the Museum is to present the creative and mechanical ingenuity of its founders and, hopefully, inspire the next generation of inventors.

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