Museo Nacional del Prado

Museo Nacional del Prado

The Museo Nacional del Prado, also known as the Prado Museum, is one of the world's great European art museums, with outstanding collections of Spanish, Italian, and Flemish art from the 12th to 19th centuries.

Photo: Apollo Infrared Camera given to the Prado Restoration Laboratory.

Showcasing Superb Artistry in Spain

Museo Nacional del Prado

Photo: William B. Jordan donates Philip III by Velázquez.

The Museo Nacional del Prado, located in Madrid, opened to the public in 1819 under the title of the Royal Museum of Paintings and Sculptures. The Royal Museum, later renamed the National Museum of Painting and Sculpture and, finally, the Museo Nacional del Prado, originally included a catalog of 311 paintings by Spanish artists. In the centuries since, the museum's collections have dramatically expanded; today, they include thousands of paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures, and pieces of decorative art. The Museo Nacional del Prado welcomes more than 3 million visitors each year and its annual online presence exceeds 10 million.

In addition to its internationally renowned collections, the Museo Nacional del Prado also offers robust educational and research opportunities. These include programs for students and teachers, community outreach, and cultural action projects. Further, the Prado School, housed in the museum's Study Center, supports projects in conservation and restoration and trains aspiring museum curators and technicians. In the realm of research, the Museo Nacional del Prado operates a digital library, archive, and encyclopedia, as well as technical studies and restoration projects.

Integral to the Museo Nacional del Prado's work is the American Friends of the Prado Museum, a United States-based organization that develops philanthropic support for the preservation, dissemination, and enjoyment of the museum's exceptional cultural and artistic legacy.  To learn more about the American Friends of the Prado Museum's mission and projects, visit the organization's website HERE

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