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Clark Art Institute

The Massachusetts-based art museum and academic research center for higher education houses a permanent collection that features masterpieces of European and American paintings, sculpture, sketches, and various decorative arts from the Renaissance to the early-20th century.

Advancing the Public's Understanding of Art

Clark Art Institute

Established in 1955 in conjunction with Williams College, the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute — which is commonly referred to as the Clark — is home to an extensive museum, art history library, and research center dedicated to the display, research, and discussion related to the nature of art and art history.

The Clark occupies 140 acres of profound natural beauty in Williamstown, a rural corner of western Massachusetts. The gallery windows afford views of woods and farmland, with walking trails leading to a number of long-term artworks and installations throughout the pastoral lawn and meadows of the property. The Clark's mission and landscape define essential aspects of its character and identity – to provide an enriching experience for lovers of art and nature, curators, scholars, students, and any visitor with the curiosity to explore the vitality of art. The Clark is further revered for its stunning architectural design by Tadao Ando, which blends modern construction and traditional architecture while emphasizing the natural beauty of its idyllic setting. 

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