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Bard College, known for its reputation for scholarly excellence and civic engagement, is committed to enriching culture, public life, and democratic discourse by supporting and training students as tomorrow's thought leaders. 

Fostering the next generation of leaders and critical thinkers

Bard College

Founded in 1860, Bard College is currently home to approximately 1,900 undergraduate students and more than 600 graduate students on its Annandale campus in the bucolic Hudson Valley of upstate New York. Campus life at Bard includes opportunities for civic engagement and community participation, on-campus clubs, and a range of programs to meet students' recreational and sporting interests. Bard College is known for its distinguished, scholarly faculty and low student-to-instructor ratio, allowing for intimate discussions and one-on-one interactions. Bard faculty are dedicated to the philosophy of teaching and actively engaged in their professional fields serving as advisors as well as instructors.

At Bard, every student's academic experience is entirely personalized to their interests. Undergraduate students have access to traditional college degree programs in liberal arts and specialized pathways that offer study abroad opportunities, dual degree options, and individualized study programs at other academic institutions across the United States.

Graduate programs provide students with access to specific courses of study, combining research seminars, practicum experiences, professional internships, and other project and performance-based learning opportunities that prepare students for their selected professions' intellectual and realistic challenges. In an inclusive environment, Bard helps students shape their professional future while emerging as critical and creative thinkers who can engage in critical discourse. 

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