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HopeKids is a national organization dedicated to providing support to the families of children facing cancer orĀ other life-threatening medical conditions.

Providing a vital dose of hope


Every year, more than 500,000 children face life-threatening diseases in the United States and experience devastating obstacles on the road to recovery. As an organization, HopeKids strives to assist sick children and their entire family unit, with special attention to the brothers and sisters of these patients: research has shown patients can greatly impact their siblings' school performance, general behavior, and mental health.

In addition to the emotional toll of a sick child, families face steep financial burdens that threaten their overall wellbeing and stunt the opportunity for healing. HopeKids' ultimate goal is to provide comprehensive emotional, financial, and spiritual support to the patient and their community.

HopeKids coordinates and hosts fun, free activities for families to provide an escape from their current adversities. From amusement parks, movie screenings to sporting events, these activities allow patients and families to focus on upcoming events and inspire anticipation for the future. HopeKids funds and coordinates many free events to alleviate essential costs like transportation and haircuts to provide some relief from overwhelming medical bills. In their efforts to restore hope and transform lives, HopeKids is dedicated to the wellbeing of the patients' entire community by providing the strongest support system possible. Hope is each sick child's powerful medicine.

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