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Tower Cancer Research Foundation

The Beverly Hills-based nonprofit scientific organization works to eradicate cancer through the support of high-impact research and clinical trials while promoting progressive care for cancer patients and their communities. 


Funding Innovative Research and Transforming the Lives of Cancer Survivors

Tower Cancer Research Foundation

Founded in 1996 by a group of physicians, patients, and volunteers, Tower Cancer Research Foundation (TCRF) offers a tiered approach to cancer care, blending high-impact cancer research with programs that support patients and their families through the challenges of treatment. 

Tower Cancer Research Foundation offers grants to physicians performing innovative clinical cancer research on new cancer drugs and expanded treatment options. In 2008, the foundation shifted resources to further explore and understand how cancer develops and spreads to improve prevention and treatment. Since its inception, TCRF has awarded millions of dollars in innovative clinical research and participated in hundreds of clinical trials.

Patient support and community partnerships are vital to the foundation's work. Magnolia House is the mainstay of the patient support division, offering cancer support resources at no cost to cancer patients and survivors through a combined model of in-person and virtual classes that focus on physical and emotional wellness. TCRF also awards grants to other nonprofit organizations that offer vital cancer support resources. These partnerships allow the foundation to expand the reach of its patient support programs and improve the lives of cancer survivors as well as those individuals facing a cancer diagnosis.  

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