Santa Barbara Botanic Garden Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

The 78-acre botanic garden on California's Central Coast protects, restores, and celebrates the state's native plants. 

Advancing the Conservation of Our Plants

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

Photo Courtesy of Saxon Holt 

With extensive views of the Santa Barbara Channel Islands and more than 5 miles of hiking trails, the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden is home to more than 1,000 species of rare plants indigenous to California. Established in 1926 and designated as a Santa Barbara Historic landmark in 1983, the garden endeavors to understand biodiversity, protect rare plants, restore habitats, and engage the community.

The garden's biologists, ecologists, researchers, conservationists, and technicians study and advocate for native plants and their value within our ecosystems to encourage long-term preservation and sustainability. Garden scientists collaborate on research projects throughout California, from the Central Coast to the Channel Islands to the Sierra Nevada mountains, working to restore native habitats, prevent extinction, and recover rare plants to ensure the survival of California's precious indigenous flora. Through events such as the annual Conservation Symposium, presentations, tours, and publications, the garden confronts conservation challenges and enlightens the community about the benefits of supporting and protecting native habitats. 

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