Gamble House Conservancy Gamble House Conservancy

Gamble House Conservancy

The Gamble House, located in Pasadena, California, is the most complete and best-preserved work of American Arts and Crafts architects Charles and Henry Greene. 

Architecture as Fine Art

Gamble House Conservancy

Originally built as the winter residence for David and Mary Gamble – members of the Proctor & Gamble Company – this three-story Gamble House is now dedicated to being a historic site, house museum, and an iconic landmark of twentieth century Craftsman architecture. The Gamble House Conservancy exists primarily to conserve, maintain, and interpret the work of well-renowned architects Charles and Henry Greene.

Today, The Gamble House provides regular public access and educational programming that maintains academic ties with schools of architecture, the arts, and related disciplines. The home has been preserved with all of its original furnishings which were designed by Charles and Henry Greene. The Gamble House is committed to partnering with educational institutions, allowing students to study the property, inspiring and educating aspiring architects with the work of Charles and Henry Greene, and allowing participation in on-site internships under programs developed and administered by The Gamble House itself.

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