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Kiss the Ground

The Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization promotes the role of regeneration and healthy soil to create meaningful environmental change and fight climate change.

Creating a Regenerative Future

Kiss the Ground

In 2013, a group of environmental activists in Los Angeles gathered to discuss the global impacts of climate change. Realizing the potential of regenerative farming and gardening, they formed Kiss the Ground to create awareness and action around environmental issues and food insecurity. Kiss the Ground uses storytelling, education, and advocacy to inspire citizens of the planet to join the regenerative movement.

The organization produces mini-documentaries, series, and shorts to unspool stories of regeneration, and it is best known for the Netflix documentary Kiss the Ground, which details how healthy soil can help to solve the climate crisis. Educational programming includes on-demand courses, brand packages, and public speaking engagements. On the policy front, Regenerate America is an alliance of farmers, businesses, and nonprofit organizations that advocated for the 2023 Farm Bill to allocate resources toward regenerative agriculture. All of Kiss the Ground's work aims to heal the climate and feed everyone on the planet.

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