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SmallsLIVE Foundation

Located in New York City, the nonprofit organization supports jazz music and musicians, archives performances, promotes jazz education, and creates emergency funds for jazz musicians in need. 

Promoting a Love of Jazz Across the World

SmallsLIVE Foundation

Smalls Jazz Club was founded in 1994 by the enigmatic Mitchell Borden, a former Navy submariner, registered nurse, philosopher, and jazz violinist who wanted to cultivate an environment that was conducive to jazz music and its culture. Many young musicians credit Smalls Jazz Club for developing their individuality in music. 

In the aftermath of September 11, 2001, New York City's economic downturn sent Smalls Jazz Club into bankruptcy. After several tumultuous years with different owners, jazz pianist Spike Wilner and Borden restored the club to its original vibrant spirit. In September of 2014, Wilner opened a second club, the Mezzrow, across the street from Smalls. In 2018, the group founded the SmallsLIVE Foundation to help subsidize the operation of venues, recording projects, tours and educational initiatives. The foundation provides emergency funds for jazz musicians in need and lends support to the jazz community in New York City and beyond. The organization also played a critical role in keeping both venues afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The SmallsLIVE Foundation has earned international recognition as a sponsor of individual jazz projects and tours, music education classes (at universities and on line), and live performances in Smalls Jazz Club and the Mezzrow. Both clubs have earned international acclaim as a destination spot for transcendent jazz.  

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