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Odyssey Conservation Trust – Tacana Women Project

The Odyssey Conservation Trust has revamped the way that conservation work is done, through a focus on the relationship between the environment and local peoples. Since the 1990s, the organization has developed creative, cost-effective, community-based projects across the globe, which centralize the role of local women in innovative environmental conservation and the revitalization of the ecosystems in which they live. Through their work in six of the most biodiverse regions in the world, the Odyssey Conservation Trust has perfected the balance between preserving rich cultural traditions of the past and building a bright, flourishing future relationship between nature and humankind.

Working Toward a Solution

Located in the Madidi National Park in Northwest Bolivia, the Odyssey Conservation Trust’s Tacana Women Project serves as an innovative response to the need for increased conservational practices in biodiverse ecosystems. Despite their longstanding presence in the mountainous Tropical Andes, many of the women and children of indigenous Tacana communities today struggle under the weight of poverty, malnourishment, and diseases transmitted through domestic animals.  

GRoW Support

2016 – Programming – Tacana Women Project

2015 – Programming – Tacana Women Project

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