AIMM Wins Award to Conduct Critical Ocean Research


AIMM Wins Award to Conduct Critical Ocean Research

Portuguese-based Marine Environment Research Association, also known as AIMM (Associacão para Investigação do Meio Marinho), will receive funding to improve sustainability for the dolphin population in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean.

The objective for this project, funded by the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission (IATTC) and the Pacific Alliance for Sustainable Tuna (PAST), is to use drones to evaluate whether dolphin mother-calf separations occur during tuna purse seine fishing operations. 

Purse seine fishing is a technique used to target dense schools of single-species fish in the open ocean. Problems arise when the fishing gear unintentionally catches animals outside of the target population and, with dolphins, could cause mother-calf separation, which might be a source of cryptic mortality not detected by fishery observers on the decks of purse-seine vessels. As it does with all research projects, AIMM will conduct this critical surveillance mission in hopes of creating a safer environment for the planet's oceans and marine species.

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