The Wallace Collection Unveils Exhibition Showcasing Maharaja Ranjit Singh

An Akali-Nihang Sikh couple, Punjab Plains, c. 1830-40, © Toor Collection


The Wallace Collection Unveils Exhibition Showcasing Maharaja Ranjit Singh

Shedding new light on the formidable 19th-century Sikh ruler, Ranjit Singh: Sikh, Warrior, King runs from April 10 to October 20 at the storied London museum.

Ranjit Singh rose to power as the first Maharaja of the Sikh empire in the early 1800s, ruling over the Punjab (a region that spans modern-day eastern Pakistan and northern India) and establishing the dominance of the Sikh Empire. Trade and the arts thrived under his reign, which was marked by modernization, tolerance, and cultural renaissance, and he amassed a strong army that defeated incursions from Afghanistan invaders and beyond. At the Wallace Collection this spring, visitors can learn the story of the man known as the Lion of Punjab, told through arms, armors, and historic artworks.

Ranjit Singh: Sikh, Warrior, King features striking jewelry, complex miniature paintings, impressive weaponry, and other intriguing objects from the Maharaja's court and courtiers. Also on display are notable items from the most famous of his wives, Maharani Jind Kaur, and their son, Maharaja Duleep Singh. The Wallace houses an exceptional collection of arms and armor ranging from medieval Europe to 19th-century Asia, and this exhibition puts its Sikh holdings in greater artistic and historic context. 

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