Institut Curie Foundation Commemorates Centenary of Innovation in the Fight against Cancer


Institut Curie Foundation Commemorates Centenary of Innovation in Fight Against Cancer

France's largest cancer research center recognizes the 100-year anniversary of Marie Curie's first trip to the United States and the creation of the foundation.

In 1921, 12 years after the Institut of Radium was founded, and 10 years after Marie Curie's second Nobel Prize for her 1898 discovery of radium, U.S. President Warren G. Harding presented Marie Curie with a gram of radium. The radium was purchased with donated funds, and it facilitated the development of radiotherapy for the treatment of cancer.

This act of generosity sparked the creation of Institut Curie's fundraising foundation, which continues to support cutting-edge, life-changing cancer research 100 years later. Throughout 2021, Institut Curie will host a series of events to celebrate the last century of its premiere cancer care and research.

Since 2011, GRoW has been honored to support Institut Curie's important pediatric neuroblastoma research.

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