Critical New Trail at the Cabrillo National Monument


New Trail at Coming to Cabrillo National Monument

With support from GRoW, visitors to San Diego's only National Park will find a new path to the Rocky Intertidal Zone.  

The Rocky Intertidal Zone (also known as the tidepools) is a favorite destination spot for more than 800,000 visitors annually to Cabrillo National Monument. Currently, the tidepools are only accessible by vehicle, but a new trail currently under construction will provide a safe way, on foot, to access the stunning tidepool area while providing connecting routes to the nearby existing Bayside and Coastal Trails. With this safe passage, visitors — particularly youth groups — will now enjoy better access to additional opportunities to learn about the park's scientific, historical, and natural resources.

The goal of Cabrillo's youth programming is to inspire young people to become the next generation of park stewards, who will continue to preserve Southern California's stunning landscape. The new trail also will help the park protect and preserve the precious natural habitat and the native species that are necessary for its long-term ecological existence. 

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