Supporting Local Journalism Through Zócalo Public Square


Supporting Local Journalism Through Zócalo Public Square

GRoW @ Annenberg partners with Zócalo Public Square and its mission to "connect people to ideas and to each other by examining essential questions in an accessible, broad-minded, and democratic spirit." Zócalo pursues this mission through daily journalism and public events.  

We at GRoW believe that supporting independent journalism is at the heart of a free and fair democracy.  According to Zócalo's Executive Director Moira Shourie, "Our work to create a true public square—where all feel welcome and where new ideas are accessible to everyone—has never felt so necessary. Our audience is growing rapidly and Zócalo's team reflects the audience we serve."  

GRoW will fund a major upgrade to Zócalo's digital footprint in order to assist with the increasing engagement with their content. "As Zócalo continues to grow their internal capacity while creating important partnerships with local and national institutions, it was incumbent on us as a funder to support their journalistic endeavors and help upgrade their digital presence," said Gregory.  "We are delighted to work with the Zócalo team so that we can all benefit from these important conversations."

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