Villa Albertine Artists Celebrate Cultural Diplomacy Between France and U.S.


Villa Albertine Artists Celebrate Cultural Diplomacy Between France and U.S.

Welcoming more than 80 artists and intellectuals for its inaugural season, this new French cultural institution is reinventing the traditional French residency. 

Created by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, and supported by the French Ministry of Culture, Villa Albertine celebrates the accomplishments of its artist-residents. 

The artist-residents of the inaugural class of Villa Albertine were placed in 10 major cities across the United States. With 80 residents across 40 institutions in 15 disciplines, Villa Albertine works to create an expansive network for artists, professionals, and thinkers. Villa Albertine's mission is to promote dialogue between France and the U.S. by building a community where art can flourish. The Villa model offers a space for global creators, thinkers, and cultural professionals to create in a singular unique location abroad.

As these Villa Albertine artists wrap up the first half of their residencies, there are still many exhibits and events that can be seen across the country. Events are being held throughout 2022 in Boston, Chicago, New York, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, New Orleans, Houston, Miami, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

GRoW is honored to support the Villa Albertine Los Angeles program, in partnership with the Consulate General of France in Los Angeles. As longtime cultural liaisons between France and the United States, GRoW founder Gregory Annenberg Weingarten and his wife, Regina Weingarten, have earned several accolades, including France's prestigious award Légion d'Honneur. 

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