V&A Museum Stages Africa Fashion Exhibition

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V&A Museum Stages Africa Fashion Exhibition

The UK's most extensive showcase of African style will be on display in London from July 2 through April 16, 2023.

Africa Fashion will combine more than 250 deeply varied objects, textiles, and photographs from both the V&A's collection and the personal archives of some of the continent's most influential fashion creatives. Curated by Dr. Christine Checinska, the V&A's senior curator of African and African diaspora fashion, the exhibition will examine: how fashion, visual arts, and music formed a key part of Africa's cultural renaissance; the impact of radical political and social transformation during African independence and liberation upon the fashion industry; and today's new generation of ground-breaking creative individuals, collectives, and institutions. Further, the exhibition's twin primary objectives are to foreground the voices and perspectives of leading African creatives while acknowledging the vast and rich breadth of African histories, cultures, and, consequently, fashions.

Celebrating the vitality and innovation of this vibrant, varied scene, Africa Fashion is supported by GRoW and its founder, Gregory Annenberg Weingarten, with additional funding from Merchants on Long. Click here to view press coverage for the Africa Fashion exhibition. 

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