Camp Harmony Returns for Summer of Fun and Opportunity


Camp Harmony Returns for Summer of Fun and Opportunity

United in Harmony's overnight summer camp, which hosts children experiencing poverty, reopens its cabin doors in August.

United in Harmony's signature program, Camp Harmony, grants children the opportunity to experience nature, explore arts, participate in sports, and engage in other enriching activities through a traditional sleep-away experience. These activities are designed to inspire and empower campers while providing a respite from the tensions of their daily lives. Students and counselors alike form dependable, long-lasting relationships and eagerly count down the days until they can return the following summer. 

United in Harmony is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide year-round programs for underserved or unhoused children in the greater Los Angeles area with opportunities that instill discovery, hope, and a sense of empowerment. 

Join GRoW in supporting this worthy camp for children. 

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