Photo courtesy of Urban Compass

Urban Compass

Located in Watts and South LA, Urban Compass works intensively with groups of 50 elementary students and their families to combat violence and poverty, and bridge a path toward a brighter future.

Reclaiming the Right to a Promising Future

Since its founding in 2004, Urban Compass has worked alongside schools in Watts and South LA in order to positively influence the lives of the community’s youth. Urban Compass’ model starts at the elementary school level, focusing on small groups of students during a time crucial to a child’s development. Urban Compass’s programming involves comprehensive after-school programs, summer camp, field trips, and volunteer-based partnerships and mentorships with high school and college students. Each of these elements create a holistic model and approach aimed at improving academic attendance, success, and confidence, while establishing a solid foundation to pursue higher educational opportunities. A key component of what makes Urban Compass so successful is its focus not only on the child, but also on the family and the environment in which they live.

GRoW Support

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Urban Compass volunteer. Photo courtesy of Urban Compass.

Urban Compass volunteer. Photo courtesy of Urban Compass.

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