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In response to our nation's radical awakening around racial and social justice, Rekindle was created as an innovative and deliberate way to bring diverse communities together for constructive dialogue. 

Reviving Dialogue Between the Black and Jewish Communities


Rekindle's mission is to create meaningful social change by bringing emerging leaders from the Black and Jewish communities together for thoughtful and challenging dialogue, face-to-face interactions, breaking down barriers to forge new relationships, and collective action. By rekindling the strong relationships and collaborative action between the Black and Jewish communities that were built during the Civil Rights Movement, Rekindle strives to accelerate their collective impact and increase equity. The (predominantly white) Jewish and American Black (predominantly Christian) each have a commitment to advancing social justice and harnessing their unique strengths and assets in organizing and mobilizing community members around critical issues; however, because of physical and spiritual segregation, the two communities often work in parallel rather than in partnership. 

Rekindle was co-founded by Charmaine Rice, a trained DEI facilitator and inclusive leader, and Matt Fieldman, a social entrepreneur and nonprofit professional. Rekindle's sessions not only empower participants to become better racial equity change-makers, they inspire action, both individually and collectively. 

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