La Laguna at Vincent Lugo Park La Laguna at Vincent Lugo Park

La Laguna at Vincent Lugo Park

San Gabriel, California's largest recreational park features a colorful children's playground also known as Dinosaur Park.

Preserving a Recreational Space for the Ages (or at Least for the Mesozoic Era)

La Laguna at Vincent Lugo Park

Colloquially called La Laguna or Dinosaur Park, La Laguna de San Gabriel features 14 concrete play structures and a picnic area that can host up to 100 people. These play structures, crafted by Mexican-American artist Benjamin Dominguez, are built into colorful sea creatures located in a sand-filled lagoon at the center of San Gabriel's Vincent Lugo Park.

In 2006, La Laguna's structures were deemed safety hazards and marked for demolition. Through local activism and widespread fundraising efforts, though, Friends of La Laguna commissioned a preservation plan and facilitated the restoration of Dinosaur Park. Today, the unique playground is recognized as a local landmark in San Gabriel and is listed on the California Register of Historic Places. La Laguna remains a beloved space for outdoor play and community gatherings while serving as a symbol of innovative artistic expression.

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