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The nonprofit organization in Santa Monica, California provides families in need within the Los Angeles area with innovative support through a variety of programs.

Finding Ways to Help the Underserved

One Voice

Founded in 1982, One Voice is dedicated to supporting families in crisis by providing preventative relief to circumvent the cycle that too often ends in homelessness and hunger. The Family Assistance Program offers this aid to families in Los Angeles with young children, and through the program's emergency relief branch, One Voice supports more than 500 families through crises every year by providing food, rent, medical expenses, and other critically needed resources.  

The Scholars Program helps to lift 150 students from poverty each year through higher education. Selected during their junior year of high school to begin a comprehensive program that lasts five years, students receive assistance and emotional support throughout the the college process, from applying to enrollment and beyond. Since the inception of this program, 100 percent of the students have been admitted to four-year colleges and 92 percent of them have graduated.

As part of the organization's Holiday Program, 2,500 Headstart families receive fresh food, toys, and books every year with the help of 2,000 volunteers. In addition, One Voice oversees the Barbara Steven Summer Camp, which offers underserved children the opportunity to attend a one-week summer camp through the YMCA or UCLA Unicamp.

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Programming-Scholars Program & Emergency Relief and Family Program


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