Kounkuey Design Initiative

Kounkuey Design Initiative

Kounkuey Design Initiative combines urban planning, design, and community-based work to transform public sites into "Productive Public Spaces."

Centralizing Community-Led Change

Kounkuey Design Initiative

Kounkuey Design Initiative (KDI) puts into practice the belief that public spaces hold the power to create healthy and prosperous communities. KDI works in communities across the globe to transform areas into spaces that reflect the needs of the surrounding community. These needs often include the transformation of vacant lots into community buildings and recreational facilities, as well as water and sanitation facilities.

KDI fosters close relationships with community members in order to ensure the community's needs are centralized in all long-term planning. Working in this way, the organization rejects "top-down" approaches to expanding equity and access in favor of "bottom-up" community efforts. Through a combination of design projects, research, and advocacy, KDI strives to fill the gaps between underserved communities, institutions, and infrastructure.

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