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Vineyard Trust

Vineyard Trust, formerly known as the Martha's Vineyard Preservation Trust, currently owns and maintains 20 historic landmarks central to the island community. For more than 40 years, the Trust has acquired, preserved, and managed the endangered historical landmarks of Martha's Vineyard, restoring living institutions to their rightful place in island life.

Safeguarding an Island's Treasured Spaces

Vineyard Trust

Vineyard Trust was established in 1975 to preserve the historical institutions that make up the island community of Martha's Vineyard, located on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Vineyard Trust currently maintains 20 living landmarks across the island that occupy central roles in the community's culture, ranging from homes to stores to libraries to churches. Alley's General Store, one of these protected landmarks, has been open to the public since 1858, making it the island's oldest retail business. In protecting and managing landmarks such as this store, Vineyard Trust ensures the longevity of spaces that have borne witness to centuries of history and change.

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Alley's General Store Restoration