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Voices of Impact

The nonprofit organization in the Los Angeles community of Watts supports parents and guardians living with healthy challenges as well as their children, who often serve as caretakers from a young age.

Enhancing the Lives of Children, Empowering Entire Families

Voices of Impact

Voices of Impact was founded in 2017 by Jacqueline Evans and her daughter Shekalia Johnson. The pair were inspired by Evans' own experience growing up in South Central Los Angeles with a single father who was chronically ill and partially disabled. The organization was originally known as Your Special Day, which was the name of its first program. The signature program provides children between the ages of 5 and 12 who live with disabled or chronically ill parents a "special day" of youthful fun, free from their usual stressors and responsibilities.

Voices of Impact offers additional services to support the entire family. After children experience their special day, their family is automatically enrolled in the Nutrition 4 All program. Through this initiative, families receive baskets every other week complete with organic produce, kid-friendly recipes using the delivery's ingredients, and a nutrition-information packet. In addition, the Bridge to Hope program is Voices of Impact's extended services program that connects parents to educational and social service providers in South Los Angeles. These resources are critically important in bridging the gap between a parent's level of ability and often-inaccessible activities such as homework assistance, recreation, discipline, and special events. Through this extensive programming, Voices of Impact works towards a vision of the world in which all parents and children receive the support that they need to thrive with dignity.

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