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Seeds of Peace

The nonprofit organization in New York City provides youth from around the globe with leadership training to produce meaningful change and pursue international peace.

Promoting Personal Transformation to Catalyze Societal Change

Seeds of Peace

Founded in 1993 by award-winning journalist and author John Wallach, Seeds of Peace launched with the Maine-based Seeds of Peace Camp, attended by 46 Israeli, Palestinian, Egyptian, and American teenagers. Today, the Seeds of Peace Camp welcomes hundreds of youth from the Middle East, South Asia, Europe, and the United States who undergo leadership and peacebuilding training. Through intensive programming, youth participate in dialogues that build empathy, tolerance, and understanding. After this training, participants return home to participate in one year of local leadership programs in their community.

Over the years, Seeds of Peace has trained more than 8,000 leaders working for change in 27 countries across the globe. The organization strengthens this network and accelerates participants' individual impact through events and fellowship opportunities. Further, Seeds of Peace recognizes that change is an intergenerational struggle and deeply invests in educational programming beyond its immediate network of changemakers. These programs include cross-border initiatives, local capacity-building, and youth engagement. Through this broad and impactful work, Seeds of Peace has been recognized worldwide as a leader in creating a more just and inclusive global community.

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