Black Equity Collective Black Equity Collective

Black Equity Collective

The Black Equity Collective is a nonprofit organization that partners funders and communities to empower and support Black-led and Black-empowering organizations in Southern California, with Black equity as the central and unifying force.

Strengthening and Sustaining Black-led and Black-Empowered Organizations

Black Equity Collective

Launched in January 2021, Black Equity Collective has been dedicated to filling the philanthropic giving-gap in Black-led organizations located in the Southern California counties of Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino. The Collective drives capacity-building and organizational resiliency within Black-led and Black-empowered organizations by strategically partnering them with funders to form lasting partnerships that strengthen and sustain the organizations and build meaningful connections between all stakeholders. The Black Equity Collective is the only philanthropic network in California that uses Black equity as its central principle to improve outcomes for Black people and their communities. Through this framework, The Collective is fundamentally changing the relationship between philanthropy and the Black community.

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