Institut Curie Continues to Make Strides In Pediatric Cancer Research


Institut Curie Continues to Make Strides In Pediatric Cancer Research

GRoW founder Gregory Annenberg Weingarten and his philanthropic partner and wife, Regina Weingarten, were honored for their support of the esteemed cancer research center in France.

Institut Curie has been committed to researching, treating, and curing cancers since its establishment by Nobel Prize-winning scientist Marie Curie more than a century ago. In 2017, the Paris-based comprehensive cancer center established a new division to fortify the relationship between its research teams and pediatrics department at the hospital. This department has been focusing on developing and implementing innovative therapies for neuroblastoma (tumor of the sympathetic nervous system), Ewing tumors (a type of bone sarcoma in adolescents), rhabdoid tumors (rare, aggressive tumors), medulloblastoma (tumor of the cerebellum), and retinoblastoma (cancer of the eye).

Institut Curie continues to produce advancements in pediatric cancer research. The institute has developed combination therapies for children with anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK)-aberrant neuroblastoma. ALK inhibitor lorlatinib will be used in tandem with chemotherapy for upfront treatment of these high-risk patients. In addition, Institut Curie and another cutting-edge cancer research hospital in France, Gustave Roussy, are partnering on a clinical research program that is studying the genetic characteristics of tumors and leukemias of children in treatment failure. This is the first study to demonstrate the viability of liquid biopsies in pediatric precision medicine programs.

In late March, Institut Curie and the U.S. Ambassador to France presented Regina Weingarten and Gregory Annenberg Weingarten with the Prix Marie Curie des Grands Donateurs 2024 (Marie Curie Major Benefactor award) for their commitment to cancer research. GRoW has annually funded Institut Curie's pediatric neuroblastoma research since 2011.

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