Clínica Romero Christens Groundbreaking Health Care Initiative


Clínica Romero Christens Groundbreaking Health Care Initiative

The public-private partnership with the Lanterman Regional Center will provide health care for individuals with developmental delays within the uninsured and underrepresented communities of Los Angeles. 

On April 15, Clínica Romero hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the opening of its new initiative. GRoW founder Gregory Annenberg Weingarten was joined by doctors, nurses, and health care professionals — as well as board and community members of Clínica Romero, including California State Assembly speaker Anthony Rendon — for an incredibly meaningful day celebrating a life-saving program. 

Clínica Romero's mission is to provide "high quality, affordable, and culturally-sensitive health care" to underserved communities, regardless of their ability to pay, throughout Greater Los Angeles. Clínica Romero currently has multiple clinics in the Los Angeles region. Founded in the belief that health care is a human right, community health centers such as Clínica Romero serve as a lifeline to residents.

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