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Desert Manna Ministries

Desert Manna Ministries is a service provision center meeting the needs of homeless and low-income residents of California's greater Barstow community.

Supplying Essential Social Services

Desert Manna Ministries

Desert Manna Ministries' work began in 1987, when the organization opened its first emergency shelter in San Bernardino County for transient, homeless men moving through the region. The shelter's name, Desert Manna, was selected in reference to the biblical story of manna, a miraculous food which nourished traveling Israelites during their forty-year journey. Today, the organization offers a plethora of services for both transient and resident adults and children experiencing homelessness and poverty. These services include emergency shelter provisions, case management, food pantries, and electricity funding assistance. Desert Manna Ministries offers critical support in communities which are struggling with some of San Bernardino's highest poverty, unemployment, and food insecurity rates.

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