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The Yakar Center in Israel seeks to support Jewish culture throughout the Jewish world by creating a source of healing and inclusivity to promote both inner and outer development for all.

Establishing Sacred Spaces to Engage with Judaism


In 1978, Rabbi Dr. Meir Rosen founded Yakar in London. He later established branches of Yakar in Jerusalem, in 1992, and Tel Aviv, in 2007. His goal was to create a place for spiritual exploration, authentic learning, questioning, and to foster a bridge between people of different backgrounds through their shared, deep connection to Judaism.

Today, Yakar remains committed to fulfilling this mission. Through programming at the Yakar Center in Jerusalem, educational programs, and community-building events, Yakar embodies the vision that engagement with Judaism must extend beyond the walls of a synagogue. Instead, it must be grounded in everyday lived social and political realities. At its root, the Yakar Center strives to maintain an environment where every person is encouraged to seek religious understanding and inspiration in their own way, based on their own individual backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs.

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